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Treasure X Monster Coffin Gold

Normalpris 149,00 kr - Normalpris 149,00 kr
149,00 kr
149,00 kr - 149,00 kr
Pris 149,00 kr
Treasure X Monster Coffin is an exciting surprise coffin that is fun to open, if you dare!

Open the coffin with the tool and pick out the loose surprise bags. In the bags you will find slime, which looks like a cobweb and contains accessories, as well as two bags of magic fizzy powder. Mix the powder in a glass of water to get a disgusting green liquid that you then pour into the coffin to wake your monster! When you pour in the liquid, the monster will sit up! Attach the accessories to the figure and crack the skull to find a secret treasure. Inside the coffin you will also find a brain to put in your monster's head. When you press on the brain, the figure opens its mouth.

The figure can be disassembled and put together. You can put the monster in the coffin again and put on the lid, when you open it it sits up.

Exactly what your packaging contains is a surprise that is not visible on the outside. You only know which figure, which accessories and which treasure you will get in your coffin after you have opened it. There are six different figures that you can get in your chest. If you are lucky, the head contains a gold-dipped treasure!

Dimensions: monster chest approx. 25.5x10x10 cm, figure approx. 12.5 cm high.

Ages 5+