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MetaZoo TCG: Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition, Blister Pack

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Til en super skarp pris finder du her 1x MetaZoo TCG: Cryptid Nation 2nd Edition, Blister Pack, som indeholder;  

  • 1x “MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation” Booster-Pakke
  • 1x MetaZoo Holographic Promo-kort
  • 1x MetaZoo Mønt

Super eftertragtet og helt nyt Trading Card Game, der har fået masser om omtale og hype på meget kort tid! – Hver booster-pakke indeholder 10 spillekort, hvoraf 1 er en holo/reverse.

MetaZoo is a Collectible Card Game with groundbreaking mechanics that break the 4th Wall. Choose where you play wisely, because your surroundings dictate how powerful your cards are! Cast Water Spells when it’s raining to increase their effectiveness and partner Dark Beasties during nighttime to augment their power. It’s not enough to build a powerful deck anymore, you choose your Arena!

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